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National Implications For All IBEW Members

Local 441 is currently awaiting a decision from the CIR Executive Council (represented in part by IBEW International leadership) in a case involving CSI Electrical Contractors’ outsourcing of all conduit-bending for their UCI Hospital Project.  The longer we remain without a ruling, the easier it is for our signatory contractors to continue sidestepping our collective bargaining agreement and giving our jobs away. This practice could cause a ripple effect across the nation and lead to widespread unemployment among electricians.

Please help us let our International IBEW leadership know the urgency of this ruling.

Read the letter below.  If you are agreeable to sending this letter, please fill in your first name, last name, and card number.

Next, click on the SEND button.  A letter will be generated on your behalf and ultimately forwarded to our International Office.  Thank you for your support.

Letter to IBEW Leadership

Re: CIR Ruling, Losing Jobs


As an IBEW member, I am aware of the grievances Local 441 has filed against CSI Electrical Contractors and Briggs Electric for subcontracting covered electrical work.  I am also aware of the undecided CIR case against CSI from February 2023.  It has been over two months and we still haven’t heard the CIR’s decision on the matter.  Every day without a ruling means we are losing manhours.  This affects our entire membership – our health benefits, our pensions, our apprenticeship, our futures.    


These contractors are continuing to violate our collective bargaining agreement and steal our manhours.  Members on out-of-work books across the nation, as well as all working members, are wondering where their next job is coming from, and we’re counting on our International Office to have our back.  When can we expect to hear from them?


letters received count: 1,000+ 
Thanks for your support!
Neal Lauzon, Business Manager
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