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Calls for Dispatch
Friday, February 23, 2024
200 JW's on Book 1

52 Sound Installers on Book 1
No. of Workers
Job Location
Report Location
Additional Notes
Start Time
State Certification
Baker Electric
Providence St Joseph - Orange
Short (2 weeks)
6:30 AM

Latest Dispatch Results


All Calls - dispatch starts at 7:45 am. You must be present to be eligible for dispatch.  Contractors require I-9 Documents (i.e., Driver's License/Passport, Social Security card and a voided check).  Tools are required on the day of dispatch.

Military Veterans:

Proof of military service must be designated in our system.  Proof of service includes: DD Form 214, Veteran ID Card, or "Veteran" stamp on driver's license/state identification card.


#181 on Inside Book 1 took the last indefinite call on 02/12/24

Next short call starts @ Book 1 Page 749 Line 9 (178), updated position as of 02/13/24

Next convention center call starts @ Book 1 Page 750 Line 8 (180), updated position as of 02/19/24


#25 on Sound Book 1 took the last indefinite call on 01/04/24

Next short call starts @ Book 1 Page 236 Line 17 (01), updated position as of 12/27/23

*Skilled & Trained requirement: (must be a graduate of a state approved apprenticeship program)

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